Bookstore Dash is available for iOS and Android

Bookstore Dash is available for iOS and Android

Bookstore Dash Released

★★ Bookstore Dash is FREE TO PLAY and available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai ★★


★★★★★ @Appdictions – “Great game – I am very much enjoying this game.”

★★★★★ @iPhoneGlance – “Addicted – Love it. Can’t stop playing.”

Keep all your customers happy in a very busy bookstore. Upgrade character and shop to improve dash skills. Get social, compare yourself with your friends. Help each other to get passed challenges


▶ Catch all things, don’t miss any

Running a bookstore is incredibly busy. How could you keep all customers satisfied while there are many things happen at the same time. This is a real hacking job!

▶ Build your dreamy bookstore

Number of options to upgrade the store and the character. You can buy items to better satisfy the customers, upgrade the character to dash faster, or even buy magical skills!

▶ Get Social, alone no more

Integrating with Facebook makes you never be alone. Compare score with your friends and player around the world. Invite friends and get rewarded. Send gifts and receive gifts from your friends

▶ From Country Life to City Life

Base on Country Life, successful title in App Store, this is a girl side story when Tida comes to Bangkok for her college. It is a romantic story that will take you to the world of Bookstore Dash

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