Harvest Day iOS updated to 1.3.8

What’s included in this version?

Hello to all Country Life lovers. In this update, we have made a great performance improvement to ensure that you can enjoy the game more
▶ New alert – You will get notification in the morning if you tried to grow crops out of their seasons
▶ Minor bug fixes

Country Life Harvest Day Game



Name : Country Life : Harvest Day
Platform: Android,iOS,Facebook
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Harvest Day is a remake of very successful title with over half a million players, Country Life. Let’s go farming, mining, fishing, meeting with people and much more!▶ Sit back and relax in a very beautiful nature
Enjoy Harvest Day in full 3D graphic. Nature is beautify and waiting for you▶ Activities, activities, actives
There are a lot of things to do in Harvest Day. Relaxing does not mean boring. Set yourself free in Country Life, spend your time on farming, mining, fishing and other activities you might never imagine

▶ Love story that takes you in
Harvest Day is a romantic love story of Derek and Tida. While Tida being away in Bangkok for her university, you have to help Derek run his business and prove himself for his love

▶ Socialize offline and online
You will never be alone in Harvest Day. Meet people in the village, they want to know and help you. Connect to Facebook to see your friends. Help each other by sending gifts and invite more neighbours

▶ Explore the little big Countryside
There a re many places you can visit in Harvest Day. The variety you would never see in the other farming games. Plus, a collection system that challenges you to collect every single item in the game

▶ Gain experience and upgrade Derek’s skills
Play more and gain more. Harvest Day has a mixture of role-playing game which you will earn EXP from activities and use it to upgrade you character

Harvest Day is an improved and extended version of Country Life. We took all feedback from our fans and put the love in to crunch out the most adorable version of Country Life. We wish everyone will love it and, definitely, we will keep improving and extending the game for all of our fans

Connect with us – http://www.facebook.com/progaming.play
Follow us – http://www.twitter.com/progamingplay
Any inquiry, please send an email to info@progaming.co.th

Take your farm anywhere

Cloud feature

Save and Load from Cloud and take your farm anywhere, any device!

With the new feature, you can choose to backup your progress to our cloud storage and then get it back anytime. Just connect to Facebook within the game, you will see the options to save and load from cloud. Now you can secure your progress or even go back in time

Currently available on Android only

Mini Game – Mushroom House


Ever visit the mushroom house? It is a good place to get extra money

Mushroom house is a mini-game in Harvest Day. The entrance is in the village. You need to unlock it to access. Once you have entered, you have to pick how many hours you want to wait in real time. You will get a notification when the mushrooms are ready. Get into the mushroom house to collect them. If you don’t do so in 3 hours, the mushroom will be spoiled and won’t make any money