A young country boy who is in love with Tida. When his father passed away, the only legacy left behind is an abandoned farm and the wish for his son to revive it. Derek has to grow the farm to prove himself that he is worth enough for Tida


The beauty of the village. She has been in love with Derek and promise that they will be together one day. Tida has to go to Bangkok for her university for 4 years. During study, she works in Jill’s shop as a part-time shopkeeper. The story is told in Bookstore Dash


Tida’s father and the mayor of the village. From outside, Lee seems to be quiet but his love for his daughter needs no prove. He knows Derek and Tida is seeing each other but no one knows he agrees or disagrees with this love


A business man. He owns the factory in the village. There are rumours that this man and Derek’s father has a secret deal but Derek doesn’t care much about it. Everything seems to be business for him. Some say he is generous but who knows he is doing it on any purpose


The florist. She is another girl who brings liveliness to the village. She is so friendly and attractive. Jane is a girl with stories, who she falls in love with and who falls in love with her are still mystery


The boy that runs around the village. Friendly is his trait. His family runs a cloth shop in town. He never tell anybody why he always wander around the village. Does he fall for someone or what attracts him to the village, no one knows


Seed shop girl. Derek, Tida, and her are close friends from childhood. She is another one who would like to see Derek reviving his farm back again. She has luck in getting to know others’ secrets, and unfortunately, she is not a good secret keeper


The tool shop keeper. His family runs this business for many generations. He is hard-working type. He might seem to be a tough guy, but deeply he is so kind. Anyone needs help, he is the first one who lends the hand