What Tida is up to?

Bookstore Dash

Bookstore Dash

According to the story, Tida will go for her university for 4 years. Ever wonder what she does during her study? One of her part-time job is being a shop keeper at Jill’s bookstore. Get into this parallel story by download Bookstore Dash for iOS and Android

In Bookstore Dash, you will play as Tida, a girl from countryside who comes to Bangkok for university. Tida works at Jill’s bookstore as her part-time job. Levels are separated into weeks. Each week contains 5 days. The player has to unlock each day sequentially.

The game also features shop screen that the player can upgrade the character and the shop by spending virtual money and diamonds. The player can go to social screen to connect to Facebook, send and receive gift with friends.

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