Derek unconscious

When Derek work very hard, he will unconscious because of lose all stamina. If Derek passes out, you will lose the day and the next day is skipped

Small animal and bird problem

For small animal problem, you can buy a dog house to solve this problem.

For bird problem, you can buy a scarecrow to solve the problem of birds.


You can find the mineral from the ground in front of underground mine entrance by using ‘Pickaxe’ to dig the ground.

Unlock new area

If you want to unlock a new area and have enough coins or gems, you can talk with a sign of that area and pay as area price.

Feed animal

After buying animals, don’t forget to feed them every day.
You can feed your animals by purchase grain seeds and plant them in Livestock area. Once they are grown, harvest with bare hand. Grain will go directly to the warehouse. You can store grain as much as you can until your warehouse is full. Then put grain in each food rack. The animals will grow and give you a product.

Talk to animal

Just fed and talk to your animals by using bare hand and talk to them every day, this will make them love you.

Animal sick

If you don’t feed your animals for 3 days, they will be sick. You should cure them as soon as you can.

Rainy day

In rainy day, you don’t need to shower the crops.


Completing order gives a bonus over normal selling comparing the same products.

You can receive an order for your farm from factory and village’s cooperative. For factory, you can receive the order once a month. For village’s cooperative, you can receive an order once a time, until you done that order, reject order, or times up, then you can receive new order in next day.

When you want to send your order, you should store your product in a warehouse and then go to the place that you received this order and send it.

Mushroom in the forest

You can keep mushroom in the forest for sell or give neighbor as a gift.

Open time – close time

Each shop has their open time and close time.

Gift for neighbor

You can give neighbor a gift by hold a gift, and then throwing an item at him/her. (Please make sure that you already select a neighbor)

Planting season

Each plant has their season for planting. If you’re planting but not match with their season, it will be lost in next day.