Harvest Day launch date has been set


We are excited to announce that Harvest Day’s launch date has been set. It is 21st February, 2014. Just two weeks from now. The game will be available for both iOS and Android on the same date.

We appreciate your patience. The game took quite a while in development, longer than we expected. Anyway, the game quality at this moment is higher than we could imagine as well. We, at ProGaming, are really happy to bring back the great gaming experience to our fans again.

What we are working on?


If you wonder what we are working on for Country Life: Harvest Day, we apologise to keep you waiting until now. The game is still in polishing and testing stage. Giving the best experience to our players is our desire.

Here is one major thing we are tweaking, the environment. See the before & after

Before we found the way to improve the terrain quality


And here is the current progress


Of course, there are still some minor things we have to make them perfectly polished. We hope Country Life fans will be looking forward to the launch

Bookstore Dash 1.2 is out!

Bookstore Dash Christmas Update
Bookstore Dash 1.2, AKA Christmas Welcome update, is already out for both iOS and Android

We wish you have a great season this Christmas and New Year, so we release this update. Here is what’s new

Bookstore Dash can be loved more with this Christmas welcome update!

▶ Add week5. Enjoy 5 more days
▶ New costume – Santa set
▶ New NPCs – University students and, talking about Christmas, you-know-who

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hope you will enjoy 🙂