We are really excited to announce that Country Life: Harvest Day is now released for both iOS and Android. Please celebrate this memorable event.

It has been over a year since Country Life was released. We got a lot of feedback for the game, both compliments and suggestions. We never ignore and know how much our players are in love with the game. They point out which to improve, which to extend, all their voices are heard.

We knew that our mission was to make the game better. The decision was to be made between updating the original version or remaking it. And remaking was chosen since we thought there were many more features we should add to the game, Harvest Day was originated since then.

During the course, there were successes and failures. Features were added and removed, we were just to make sure that Harvest Day must be great and optimised.

It was over a year and this great day has come, the game is released today. We are happy and hope to see happiness from all of our players as well.

Thanks for waiting and now it is your time to enjoy Country Life: Harvest Day

– Harvest Day Development Team –